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Ready to stop wasting budget, start bidding smarter, and show your true ROI?

If there’s one thing marketers hate, it’s budget-hungry PPC campaigns that don’t deliver on sales targets. Whether you’re in-house or agency-side, making sure every penny works as hard as possible will be key to showing the real ROI of your campaigns and ringfence further investment.

In this handy cheat sheet, there are a ton of tips that’ll help you understand how to use conversion data to make that a reality.

In the cheat sheet, we talk about:

  • Feeding your bidding tools valuable conversion data that usually gets missed
  • Training your tools to improve ROAS
  • How to deliver the results that’ll make securing further investment much easier

So, grab a copy now and start bidding smarter to send customer acquisition costs (CAC) tumbling and campaign performance soaring.

Key takeaways


What you get out is only as good as the data you put in – connecting call conversions and revenue to campaigns will drive better results.


It’s quicker and easier than you think – you can start driving instant value by integrating call conversion data with your bid management tools.


Show yourself as a worthy custodian of budget – whether it’s your clients or your CFO, show them the real impact of your paid campaigns.

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