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Keen to improve campaign performance and optimise marketing budgets in 2024?

Customers are still picking up the phone, and marketers need to pay attention to what’s happening before, during, and after those calls. There’s a wealth of intel trapped in call data that helps marketers do more with less all while delivering seamless customer experiences that drive conversions.

If you’re a marketer in a call-centric business, you’re likely sitting on a ton of intel. But unlocking it can be tricky. That’s why we’ve designed this report, packed with expert insights and guidance, to help you improve campaign performance and totally optimise marketing budgets in 2024.

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  • YoY analysis of call intelligence trends and what that means for marketers
  • Why marketers need to pay attention to call data to stay ahead of the curve
  • How to make a solid business case for call intelligence in your business

Key takeaways


The marketing world never stands still - neither should you! Understand which tools and technologies will help you keep up pace.


Start unlocking insights from call data that will help you identify what is and isn’t working so you can optimise campaign performance and spend.


Get the credit you deserve for the leads you’re generating so you can make a bullet-proof business case for more marketing investment.

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