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Are you facing the challenge of maintaining a solid sales pipeline with a smaller marketing budget? You’re not alone! Good news is, there are a ton of insights at your fingertips that will help you ramp up the amount of high intent leads you get into your pipeline.

The secret lies in call data. Very few customer journeys are classed as online only and customers who pick up the phone are 10-15 times more likely to convert. This screams opportunity for any marketer looking to ramp up activity, all while keeping purse strings tight.

In this smart guide, we talk about:

  • Why phone calls remain an important touchpoint that marketers need to pay attention to
  • How to bridge the gap between online discovery and offline conversion to accurately determine the value of phone calls
  • The tools and tactics you can use to drive more quality and high-intent phone enquiries
  • The practical steps advertisers can take to get more quality leads into the sales pipeline

Key takeaways


There’s a ton of intel trapped in your call data that marketers can use to optimise campaign messaging

Monitor Calls at Scale

Understand which channels are generating results to squeeze every penny from your marketing spend


Get full visibility over what leads to offline conversions to nail your marketing attribution and clearly demonstrate ROI

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