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Are you a finance leader keen to drive down the cost of car sales across your dealerships?

Every time a car buyer enters your sales pipeline, it costs you money. So, making sure marketing budgets are optimised and ensuring sales agents are nailing every sale is a must. If that’s not the case, you could end up with a very expensive problem and a very high cost per sale.

With call intelligence, you can make wasted marketing spend and missed sales opportunities a thing of the past. Actionable insights into campaign and agent performance enables you to pinpoint where investment should be prioritised, and where training is needed to ensure agents get more callers into your showrooms.

In this cheat sheet, we talk about:

  • Prioritising investment in the marketing activities that are driving your most profitable leads
  • Making sure agents make the most of every call to boost conversions and CLV
  • Avoiding hefty fines and legal fees by nipping compliance issues in the bud

Key takeaways


If you don’t know what’s driving your most valuable leads, it’s difficult to prioritise spend and hit growth targets.


Stop unexpected fines and legal fees from disrupting cashflow by making sure stick to scripts and remaining compliant with the latest FCA reductions.


With call intelligence, you can build a lean, mean, car selling sales machine that will increase your call to appointment ratio and have your stock turning lightning fast.

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