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Are you ready to start driving more conversions with call intelligence to fuel your sales pipeline?

This cheat sheet for marketers in the automotive industry focuses on how to optimise campaigns, reduce budget waste, and improve lead quality with call intelligence.

Connecting clicks to calls, and the revenue they generate, means you know where your most valuable customers are coming from. That means you can say so long to tyre kickers and get more keen car buyers into your sales pipeline.

In this cheat sheet, we talk about:

  • Gaining full visibility over the entire customer journey so you know which keywords, channels, and campaigns are driving your best leads
  • Automating campaign optimisation processes to generate better ROI with reduced CPL
  • Streamlining collaboration between sales and marketing teams to ensure you never miss an opportunity to convert callers to customers

Key takeaways


Call intelligence enables you to lift the lid on which campaigns are helping you get high-intent leads in the pipeline.


The data trapped in your phone calls is an invaluable tool you can leverage to optimise campaigns and messaging.


Showing the link between clicks, calls, and revenue makes it easier to justify further investment in your campaigns.

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