Evolved Normal:
How marketers can
build a better tomorrow

Seismic changes across many industries and audiences have
meant that businesses have needed to look at the bigger picture
in a different way, and adapt to a new landscape quicker than
ever before.

Ultimately, we asked what does our Evolved Normal look like?

Not just a ‘new normal’, we wanted to focus on the improvements and positives that came out of this tough time. 

We have spoken with brands, consultants, agencies, and our own customer success teams to understand what changes are worth keeping. We have also looked through tactical, strategic, and cultural
prisms to understand the adaptations marketers
made at different levels of a company.

The suggestions in this eBook were tried and tested by marketers at companies of all sizes, including:

 Strategic shifts in a post-pandemic economy
 Adapting tactics to meet the needs of an evolved marketplace
 Creating a culture that transcends beyond your mission statement

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