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Unlock the power of AI for marketers with practical guidance and insights from leaders in the AI arena  

Discover how AI will revolutionise your marketing strategy with our comprehensive guide. Hear from industry experts at Google, Microsoft Advertising, LivePerson, and Infinity, as they share the practical advice that will help you overcome common challenges in AI adoption.  

As well as practical guidance, this Smart Guide is also packed with tips on how you can make a solid business case for bolstering your tech stack with AI-powered tools. Understand how to articulate the value of AI to your organisation, define the right use cases that align with your specific objectives, and navigate key considerations around data privacy and ethics. 

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  • How to integrate AI solutions into your existing Martech stack 
  • Getting your data AI-ready to drive as much value as possible  
  • Understanding the data privacy and ethical implications you need to consider  

Key takeaways


Championing AI won’t always feel easy, but it will be worthwhilethe benefits of AI are undeniable for marketers  


AI adoption isn’t a case of why, it’s a case of when if you want to stay ahead of the curve, AI adoption will be non-negotiable  


Give yourself more time to focus on the bigger picture once you overcome the barriers to AI, you’ll have more time to focus on strategy  

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