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Whether you’re exploring new tools, expanding into new channels, or trying to overcome all the other challenges thrown your way – there’s never a dull moment in the world of marketing! But, when you’re spinning so many plates, it’s hard to keep up pace and continuously deliver top-notch results.

So, what better way to navigate 2024 than with a marketers’ peer-to-peer playbook packed with insights and tips from people in the same boat as you? That’s exactly what this piece of content is all about.

Get your hands on the playbook and learn how to overcome some of the biggest challenges set to come your way this year, including:

  • How to accurately measure marketing ROI and ringfence budget
  • Reducing impact on analytics in light of privacy policy changes
  • Getting AI working for, not against, you
  • Keeping up with evolving needs and increased competition across digital channels

Key takeaways


Peer-to-peer advice is the best kind of advice – hear insights and get practical tips from people who live and breathe marketing.


The world of marketing never stands still – keep up pace and make sure you deploy new technologies like AI in a way that’ll help you smash performance out the park.


Make more good calls in 2024 and beyond – understand how to tackle the challenges that are set to come your way this year.

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