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Understand what data you need to feed into Google to help improve lead quality from paid search.

Performance Max has the power to drive some great results, but many marketers are left feeling underwhelmed when they open up their analytics. If that sounds familiar, and you’re sick of wasting precious budget on low-quality, irrelevant leads, this cheat sheet is for you!

The way we buy digital media has taken giant leaps forward in a short space of time. Limited control coupled with rising costs has led to confusion, frustration, and sometimes distrust in the Google algorithm. Luckily, there are tons of solutions out there that help you track the sales journey and customer experiences, which help massively in maximising the power of Google.

With this cheat sheet, you’ll learn:

  • How media buying with Google has changed over recent years and how it’s affected lead generation
  • Why you need to capture and feed the right data into Google to guide the algorithm
  • The importance of using quality data to optimise campaigns and drive high-intent leads

Make the most of the data at your fingertips to guide the Google algorithm to get the right leads in your pipeline.

Eliminate budget waste and get killer tips on how to power up your PMax performance and lead-gen efforts.

Guide Google’s decision-making and mirror the choices you would make if you were managing it manually.

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