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Are you a travel marketer looking to send campaign performance soaring this year? 

The cost-of-living crisis means holidaymakers are becoming more scrupulous about how they spend their money and who they choose to travel with. As a result, travel marketers need to leverage all the tools in their arsenal to stand out from the crowd.

In this playbook, we’ve gathered insights from industry experts to highlight the plays that every travel marketer should be employing over the next 12 months. From keeping up pace with new and emerging technologies to top tips on driving more conversions, this playbook covers it all.

As well as 6 key plays you need to have your your horizon, there are also some bonus tips you can use to:

  • Maximise your time and budget by getting technology to do some of the heavy lifting for you
  • Deepen your relationship with holidaymakers and improve engagement
  • Bolster bookings in 2024 and beyond with future-proof tips and tricks

Key takeaways

Craft seamless customer journeys by leveraging tools and tech that make it easy to stand out of the crowd.


Authenticity and user-generated content will go a long way in positioning your brand as the port of call for holidaymakers.


Make it quick and easy for customers to get the details they need about different destinations to secure more bookings.

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